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Of the biggest fears tattoo-ees (especially first-timers) have is that of infection. There are some pretty basic ways to avoid running into complications from getting a tattoo or a piercing (write-up coming soon!) but one thing that rarely crosses the mind, if ever, is that the ink itself may be tainted. Now, I want to preface this by saying that this is extremely rare and the chances of you actually having gotten injected with these particular inks is even rarer.
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Tattoos are open wounds. That’s worth remembering. You may have taken a spill at some point in your life and took the skin off your knees or palms or what-have-you. So, here’s the question for you: if you just shredded your leg on some asphalt, would you immediately go to the gym for leg day? Probably not. The same basic logic applies to post-tattoo workouts. In an interview with Popsugar, one medical doctor explained how one might change a workout routine to address this, considering working out–especially in a gym–can mean exposing your body to considerable amounts of bacteria: