The Site

Inkademic is a hub for all things body modification, tattoos, and more. Here you will find news, content focused on historical and contemporary curiosities and elaborations, a vibrant and fascinating Instagram feed, and a YouTube channel (but mostly the YouTube channel).

This site is mainly directed at the body modification consumer or client. It’s doubtful there’s anything here that a seasoned tattoo artist wouldn’t already know. That said, if you’re curious and enthusiastic about the content, you’ll hopefully find it interesting.

The Channel

The Inkademic channel began in early 2020 and just a few short months later already grew a small but enthusiastic viewership. Your host, The Professor, is one of those “enthusiastic amateurs” in the world of learning about and sharing content on body modification. He’s not a tattoo artist, nor does he have any interest in becoming one. He’s just really interested in this stuff. He takes his years of higher education and researching and applies them to a topic he’s passionate about.

Video content includes narratives on the historical presence of body modification in various cultures and conversations with those in related fields. What you won’t get much of is people talking about the meaning of their tattoos because, frankly, that’s like hearing someone describe a dream: it’s actually pretty boring.

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