Of the biggest fears tattoo-ees (especially first-timers) have is that of infection. There are some pretty basic ways to avoid running into complications from getting a tattoo or a piercing (write-up coming soon!) but one thing that rarely crosses the mind, if ever, is that the ink itself may be tainted. Now, I want to preface this by saying that this is extremely rare and the chances of you actually having gotten injected with these particular inks is even rarer.
From time to time I like to share some historical tattoo- or body-mod-related content. In this case, I was browsing through old (as old as I could find, anyway) issues of academic and medical journals to see just what was being written about tattoos 150 years ago. What I found was this interesting read about a Greek pirate being (punitively?) tattooed over his entire body, palms and soles included.
Appearance is important. One way to help cancer survivors revive their confidence is through body modification. In this case: cosmetic tattoos. Here, Dylan Black from ROGERStv speaks with Anita Abramo about Cosmetic Tattooing Ottawa.
Paige Spear is a paramedical tattooist in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she helps her customers use tattoo art to camouflage scars and vitiligo, and recreate areolas and nipples for customers who have undergone mastectomies. Spear isn’t performing medicine and she and her clients both understand the risks of tattooing on sensitive types of skin. Nevertheless, Spear says a new regulation from the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) would be “devastating” both for her shop, THE STUDIO Tattoo Co.
Tattoos are open wounds. That’s worth remembering. You may have taken a spill at some point in your life and took the skin off your knees or palms or what-have-you. So, here’s the question for you: if you just shredded your leg on some asphalt, would you immediately go to the gym for leg day? Probably not. The same basic logic applies to post-tattoo workouts. In an interview with Popsugar, one medical doctor explained how one might change a workout routine to address this, considering working out–especially in a gym–can mean exposing your body to considerable amounts of bacteria:
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